Job Title:
Finishing Team Member
Astley Gilbert Limited - Oshawa branch
Date Posted:
November 16, 2021
Job Summary:

Operate roll machines and other finishing services to fill customer orders.

Major Responsibilities:

• Operate and maintain roll print devices

• Process and follow detailed written and verbal instructions

• Maintain inventory levels and order supplies as required

• Retrieve rolls of media from stock

• Retrieve boards for mounting

• Perform small repairs to equipment

• Communicate and troubleshoot with other departments to meet deadlines

• Gather, organize, and wrap completed work for delivery to customer or next department

• Complete paperwork for the billing process

• Proof finished product for any errors

• Monitor work process for high quality output

• Perform some shipping & receiving duties

• Maintain cleanliness of work area and department

• Abide by all company rules and regulations, including those set forth in the Personnel Handbook

• Comply with all Occupational Health & Safety Act requirements

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