Job Title:
Mi5 Print & Digital
Mississauga - Dixie & Queenswau
Date Posted:
May 14, 2020
We are looking to hire for our very busy bindery department.

We work hard and would like you to do so and have fun along side great team members.

Our team and every individual who joins is important and we strive to bring on responsible, mature and positive individuals to the team!

SE Mississauga (Dixie and The Queensway, Close to the QEW)

Transit stop nearby on Dixie.

Scope of Essential Functions as follows:

• Access the batching system to view batch lists and identify priority jobs to be completed for gang runs (Batch List will identify batches as either past due batches or next day priority)

• Review dockets and plan work processes.

• Setup assigned apparatus to job assignment specifications, obtain approval of setup and run product when indicated by Supervisor.

• Accurately document press sheet information (dates and counts) in log books

• Monitor assigned apparatus during run to ensure adherence to specifications and adjust as needed to maintain specifications and operating speed

• Ensure the completion of assignments by meeting quality/quantity specifications and requirements

• Troubleshoot machine issues, if possible, resolve it and notifying Bindery Supervisor and/or Plant Management

• Replace worn cutting blades with hand tools when required

• Complete and maintain all required paperwork, records, documents, etc.

• Keep all work area/station in compliance with our housekeeping guidelines

• Follow and comply with all safety and work rules and regulations


• Minimum 1-year experience with Polar cutters

• Able to read and comprehend job assignment dockets and customer instructional specifications

• Able to communicate effectively

• Good hand/eye coordination

• Excellent attention to detail

Competitive salaries, great work environment, growth opportunities.

If you have above mentioned qualifications and experience, please, send us your cover letter and resume.

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